At a certain stage, when a person begins
To spend most of his time homing in— helping
With the dishes, fixing things up, moving the
Furniture, in general, electing to
Homesit and stand in good stead, not for lack of
Friends or social pursuits wanting his presence,
But merely because he is quaintly pleased with
His current disposition and would prefer
To linger some in this state of mindless bliss—
It will not take long before he finds himself
Conversing with his reflection: in proper
Mirrors, on glass tabletops, in silverware.

And whoever catches him at that precise
Moment of revelation, which of course comes
At no appointed hour, might as well dismiss
It and go about with whatever business
One is up to, making no mention of this
New-found truth to anyone long after it
Seemed almost novelty, especially to
Him, even on rare occasions when he might
Appear particularly invincible.
Before such a specimen, given the traits,
The normal physiological reaction
Is, of course, to burst out of the door laughing.

You see: having found himself, he has lost it.

(from book i of mantra.x, copyright © 1998 by titus toledo)


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