in nomine innominatum

“in nomine innominatum” by titus toledo

get it here:

it is said that at the very core of nature itself is a code, a kind of cipher of ciphers governing all things, from the shape of a flower to the shape of the galaxies. this code is believed to be the key that unlocks a multidimensional universal field that informs all time and space— a belief long held by shamans, expounded by alchemists, and shared by many ancient writings across cultures and beyond geography.

in my dreams, this is how i, more or less, see it.

if you believe it.

digitally re-engineered mixed media, circa 2013

hi ho!

titus toledo

work now available in canvas & wall prints, t-shirts & hoodies, iphone, ipod and ipad cases.


all works copyright © by titus toledo. all rights reserved.

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