vitruvian mammary



Here is one design I’ve been mooning over for the longest time. It took light years arriving probably because this one hits home and hits hard.
Full disclosure: While I did not lose my mother to breast cancer (It was an aggressive brain tumor that did her quick— god bless her soul), my thoughts go out to those who currently suffer and endure, along with those who survive and stand by them in love and hope and finding a cure: fast.

Because real men honor women— mother, sister, wife, daughter— by taking a stand and helping out in the global fight against breast cancer.
Just my own small share for the cause of raising awareness not only among women, but moreso among men. (All done in the spirit of Duchamp.)

titus toledo

ps. who was it that said “pink is the new macho”?

get titus toledo’s “vitruvian mammary” from redbubble. currently available on prints (canvas, framed, mounted, matted, poster, and photographic), t-shirts & hoodies, iphone & ipod cases, postcards & collaterals.

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