god in the mirror

I remember how I’ve always wanted one of these, like I am almost sure it is already out there. I’ve looked and looked but I just couldn’t find anything remotely like it anywhere.
Somewhere in there history happened. I grew myself a beard and sired many children. My many children soon sired many children too who in turn grew into many families, which later became clans, which later became the many nations of the world. Hi ho.
But I digress. All I’m saying is this, I got old and I forgot.
But not for long. This little challenge here brought the golem back to life. Which merrily brings me back to where I started.
You will be amazed what the possibility of a $10,000 prizefighter’s check can do to an old rascal with his fortune cigarettes and his dirty little thoughts. It got him into thinking: What if I’ve got it all on the wrong side up? What if there is no such shirt, to begin with? Could it be that this shirt, if it did exist, only existed as an idea in my head– a seed of an idea still unrealized in the physical realm of the universe and made only seemingly tactile by the yawning years of yearning but no more than just an idea still? Sure I could be wrong but what if I’m right?
Here was that dirty little thought in a nutshell: If I couldn’t find one, why not build one?
Which I did– give some, take some, tooth and nail.
And so here it is: The shirt I never found. My favorite $10K, 24/7 wash-and-wear.


To the wiser heads at threadless: If this submission turns out to be a conceptual duplicate (read; it’s already been done before), lead me there and show me, so I can pay my just respects.
And while we’re all at it, kindly flag this sub and drop it from the rolls.
Otherwise, the search for my very own hypothetical holy grail of shirts dutifully ends here. I thank you all.


titus toledo

god in the mirror by titus toledo
Want this on a tee? Post a comment and vote “five” on threadless


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